BICA 2018 Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures

2018 Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures, also known as the Ninth Annual Meeting of the BICA Society, will be held as part of the Joint Multi-Conference on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence (HLAI-18) at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic.


Important Dates


Proceedings will be published in Procedia Computer Science (an open-access Elsevier journal, indexed in Scopus) after the conference. Selected papers will be considered for publication in the journal BICA.

  • Conference:
  • HLAI-18 Multi-Conference: August 22-25
  • BICA 2018 Conference: August 22-24

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Letter from the Chair

Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA) are computational frameworks for building intelligent agents that are inspired from biological intelligence. Since 2010, the annual BICA conference attracts researchers from the edge of scientific frontiers. It contrasts major conferences in AI and cognitive science by offering informal brainstorming atmosphere together with greater publication venues to ambitious ideas, regardless of the availability of a solid empirical proof or immediate practical value. If you believe that you have a constructive contribution to the future of human-like AI, then you should present your work at BICA 2018.

BICAns understand “biological inspirations” broadly, borrowing them from psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, narratology, design and creativity studies in order to advance cognitive robotics and machine learning, among other hot topics in AI. The “filter” is the question of whether your contribution may help us make machines our friends or understand how the mind works. With our steady growth over eight years and unmatched socio-cultural program, we look forward to the new unseen success of BICA in Prague in 2018.

–Alexei Samsonovich, General Chair




Organizers, Sponsors and Committees


BICA 2018 Organizers and Sponsors

BICA 2018 is organized and primarily sponsored by BICA Society, which is an international scientific society and a non-profit organization based in the US, whose mission is to promote, facilitate and bring together the many transdisciplinary efforts in the study of cognitive architectures, aimed at a computational implementation of the top functionality of the human mind (known as the BICA Challenge). Other sponsors include GoodAI, the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative, and the NRNU MEPhI: National Research Nuclear University (NRNU) “Moscow Engineering Physical Institute” (MEPhI). We are particularly grateful to all the HLAI-18 Organizers and Partners.

BICA 2018 Core Organizing Committee
  • Alexei Samsonovich (NRNU MEPhI, RF, and GMU, USA) (General Chair)
  • Paul Robertson (DOLL, Inc., USA)
  • Terry C. Stewart (U.Waterloo, Canada)
  • Kamilla R. Jóhannsdóttir (Reykjavik University, Iceland)
  • Antonio Chella (U.Palermo, Italy)
  • Olivier Georgeon (Catholique University of Lyon, France)
  • Christian Lebiere (CMU, USA)
  • Elena Arutina (NRNU MEPhI, Russia)
BICA 2018 Program Committee

Alexei Samsonovich (Chair), Kenji Araki, Joscha Bach, Paul Baxter, Paul Benjamin, Tarek Besold, Jordi Bieger, Perrin Bignoli, Douglas Blank, Mikhail Burtsev, Erik Cambria, Suhas Chelian, Antonio Chella, Amelie Cordier, Christopher Dancy, Haris Dindo, Sergey Dolenko, Jim Eilbert, Thomas Eskridge, Usef Faghihi, Stanley Franklin, Herve Frezza-Buet, Salvatore Gaglio, Olivier Georgeon, Ian Horswill, Eva Hudlicka, Christian Huyck, Ignazio Infantino, Eduardo Izquierdo, Alex James, Li Jinhai, Magnus Johnsson, Darsana Josyula, Kamilla Jóhannsdóttir, William Kennedy, Deepak Khosla, Giuseppe La Tona, Luis Lamb, Othalia Larue, Christian Lebiere, Jürgen Leitner, Simon Levy, Antonio Lieto, James Marshall, Steve Morphet, Amitabha Mukerjee, David Noelle, Andrea Omicini, David Peebles, Giovanni Pilato, Michal Ptaszynski, Subramanian Ramamoorthy, Uma Ramamurthy, Thomas Recchia, Vladimir Redko, James Reggia, Frank Ritter, Paul Robertson, Brandon Rohrer, Paul Rosenbloom, Christopher Rouff, Rafal Rzepka, Swathikiran S., Ilias Sakellariou, Fredrik Sandin, Ricardo Sanz, Michael Schader, Michael Schoelles, Valeria Seidita, Ignacio Serrano, Javier Snaider, Donald Sofge, Rosario Sorbello, Terry Stewart, Sherin Sugathan, Junichi Takeno, Knud Thomsen, Rodrigo Ventura, Pei Wang, Mark Waser, Tom Ziemke.


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