The Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures Society, or BICA Society, is an international nonprofit organization based in the US. The purpose of the Society is to promote and facilitate the transdisciplinary study of Brain-Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA), in particular, aiming at the emergence of a unifying, generally accepted framework for the design, characterization, and implementation of human-level cognitive architectures.

Mission Statement

The challenge of creating a real-life computational equivalent of the human mind requires that we better understand at a computational level how natural intelligent systems develop their cognitive and learning functions. In recent years, biologically inspired cognitive architectures have emerged as a powerful new approach toward gaining this kind of understanding (here “biologically inspired” is understood broadly as “brain-mind inspired”). Still, despite impressive successes and growing interest in BICA, wide gaps separate different approaches from each other and from solutions found in biology. Modern scientific societies pursue related yet separate goals, while the mission of the BICA Society consists in the integration of many efforts in addressing the above challenge. Therefore, the BICA Society shall bring together researchers from disjointed fields and communities who devote their efforts to solving the same challenge, despite that they may “speak different languages”. This will be achieved by promoting and facilitating the transdisciplinary study of cognitive architectures, and in the long-term perspective – creating one unifying widespread framework for the human-level cognitive architectures and their implementations.

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For information on how to join the BICA Society, please follow the links to Membership / Join and use the form. To renew your membership, please follow the link to electronic payments above. To order the complete set of video records of the BICA conference series, please email David J Kelley

Current Leadership

Board of Directors
Director: David J Kelley (President)
Director: Rosario Sorbello (Secratary)
Director: TBD

Proposed Advisory Board

  • Alexei V. Samsonovich
  • Accepting Nominations


Founding Members

[ James S. Albus ] Founding Member since 2010-11-11
Itamar Arel Founding Member since 2010-11-07
Cyril Brom Founding Member since 2010-11-15
Antonio Chella Founding Member since 2010-09-24
Olga Chernavskaya Founding Member since 2012-07-01
Chris Eliasmith Founding Member since 2010-11-11
Stanley P. Franklin Founding Member since 2010-11-10
Ben Goertzel Founding Member since 2010-09-24
Stephen Grossberg Founding Member since 2010-11-22
Kamilla R. Jóhannsdóttir Founding Member since 2010-09-24
Christian Lebiere Founding Member since 2010-11-07
Alexander Letichevsky Founding Member since 2010-12-08
Shane T. Mueller Founding Member since 2010-11-10
David C. Noelle Founding Member since 2010-11-10
Rony Novianto Founding Member since 2010-11-07
Randall C. O’Reilly Founding Member since 2010-11-22
Art Pope Founding Member since 2010-11-15
Frank Ritter Founding Member since 2010-11-13
Brandon Rohrer Founding Member since 2010-11-10
Alexei Samsonovich Founding Member since 2010-09-24
Michael Sellers Founding Member since 2010-11-08
Terry Stewart Founding Member since 2010-11-07
Andrea Stocco Founding Member since 2010-11-22
Hans-Georg Stork Founding Member since 2010-11-15
Junichi Takeno Founding Member since 2010-12-08
Vadim L. Ushakov Founding Member since 2011-08-31
Rodrigo Ventura Founding Member since 2010-11-10